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Scope & Sequence, Year Menu:
Year 1 | Year 2 | Year 3

The full Scope and Sequence for Into the Fields
Year Three: Teaching Specific Catholic Topics

Session #21
Mary of Nazareth
Mary Our Mother plus The Reign of God
Teaching about the Church

Session #22
Two Standards
The Eucharist
Teaching about the Sacraments

Session #23
Living in Hope
Conscience plus Sin
Facilitating Moral Decision Making

Session #24
Being Faithful
The Holy Spirit
Teaching about the Works of the Holy Spirit

Session #25
The Eucharist
Life after Death plus The Magisterium of the Church
Teaching about the Communion of Saints

Session #26
Jesus' Passion and Death
No Strange Gods Before Me plus Keeping Sunday Holy
Teaching the Commandments and Beatitudes

Session #27
Jesus' Resurrection
Reconciliation plus Anointing
Guiding Others in the Practice of Virtue

Session #28
Profession of Faith
Defending Life & Avoiding War
Teaching the Works of Mercy

Session #29
Living in the Spirit
Possessions, Greed & Generosity plus Telling the Truth
Sharing Catholic Social Teaching

Session #30
Contemplation on Love
The Lifelong Call to Love & Chastity
Summing Up Lessons Twenty-one through Twenty-nine

Scope & Sequence, Year Menu:
Year 1 | Year 2 | Year 3
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