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Scope & Sequence, Year Menu:
Year 1 | Year 2 | Year 3

The full Scope and Sequence for Into the Fields
Year Two: Styles of Teaching and Learning

Session #11
Standing with Jesus
The Church as Mystery plus The Marks of the Church
Teaching within the Whole Community

Session #12
Into the Desert
Honoring Our Parents
Teaching within the Christian Family

Session #13
The Harvest Is Plenty
Encountering God plus Forms of Prayer
Teaching through Apprenticeship

Session #14
We Want to See Jesus
Ways & Methods of Prayer
Teaching with Faith Sharing

Session #15
Lord, Make Me Whole
Wellsprings of Prayer plus Grace & Merit
Mentoring Others in Prayer

Session #16
Glad Tidings for the Poor
Jesus: the Messiah!
Teaching with Stories

Session #17
Mercy for All
The Passion & Resurrection of Christ
Making Your Lessons Visual and Active

Session #18
Community of Love
The Faithful of the Church: People of God!
Using Technology in Teaching

Session #19
Recognizing God's Voice
Baptism plus Confirmation
Teaching about Christian Initiation

Session #20
Love One Another
Holy Orders plus Matrimony
Summing Up Lessons Eleven through Nineteen

Scope & Sequence, Year Menu:
Year 1 | Year 2 | Year 3
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