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Scope & Sequence, Year Menu:
Year 1 | Year 2 | Year 3

The full Scope and Sequence for Into the Fields
Year One: Basic Catechetical Skills and Attitudes

Session #1
So Great Our Hunger
The Inborn Hunger for God
The Call to Be a Catechist or Teacher

Session #2
The Story of God in My Life
God's Plan for Us
Preparing a Learning Space

Session #3
Teach Me to Be Generous
Faith Is Our Response to Revelation plus Faith, Hope & Love
Planning the Learning Session

Session #4
The Beauty of God
Trinity & Liturgy plus Our Liturgical Rites as Catholics
Liturgy as a Teaching Moment

Session #5
Found by a Love
Knowing the One True God
Applying Principles of Human Development

Session #6
Nothing Is Impossible for God
Divine Revelation plus Sacred Scripture
Engaging Scripture Effectively

Session #7
Walking in God's Presence
The Love of the Trinity plus Social Justice: Built on Love
Building a Community of Love

Session #8
Prepare the Way
God Is the Creator plus Creation Is Good
Teaching Others as God Teaches Us

Session #9
God with Us
We Are Made for God plus Sin & Grace
Moving from Experience to Faith

Session #10
Companions in Christ
Praying as Jesus Taught
Summing Up Lessons One through Nine

Scope & Sequence, Year Menu:
Year 1 | Year 2 | Year 3
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