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Becoming a Church of Lifelong Learners
The Generations of Faith Sourcebook
John Roberto
The key in the Generations approach to faith formation is that it builds on the strengths of a parish's current catechetical program, while creating a lifelong faith formation plan and intergenerational learning programs that gather all the generations to learn together. The CD-ROM includes PowerPoint presentations for each chapter, along with articles by religious education theorists who have been instrumental in developing a new paradigm of lifelong faith formation.
ISBN 158595571X, paper, 160 pages, $24.95
Prod ID 95571X

Catholic Customs and Traditions
A Popular Guide
Greg Dues
Here is a book that belongs in every Catholic home, parish, and school library. From Candlemas to the Easter candle, through relics, Mary, the saints, indulgences, the rosary, mystagogia, feast days, laying on of hands, and much more, Greg Dues presents the richness of Roman Catholic heritage. The author also covers sacraments and sacramentals, ordinary time and the Sunday assembly. Presented in a clear and engaging manner with well- researched historical and theological grounding, this is a timely and useful resource for anyone with interest in the history and traditions of the Church
ISBN 0-896225-15-1, paper, 224 pages, $12.95
Prod ID 225151

Complete Children's Liturgy Book
Liturgies of the Word for Years A, B, C
Katie Thompson
This is the perfect resource for parishes who schedule a children's liturgy of the word. It is geared to ages and up and for each week of the lectionary cycle there is a hand-out activity sheet that involves children in the scriptural message. There are also notes and directions for liturgy leaders.
ISBN 0-896226-95-6, paper, 352 pages, $39.95
Prod ID 226956

Desires of the Heart
Prayers for Growing Faith
Bill Huebsch and Leisa Anslinger
This book of forty-eight prayer experiences helps readers develop their relationship with God and become aware of the many ways we encounter God in our daily lives. Each session--really a mini-retreat--offers prayers, Scripture readings, reflections, space for journaling, and song lyrics. Included is a CD of twenty-four popular liturgical songs that are arranged for use within these prayer experiences. These prayers correspond to each of the booklets in the Growing Faith Project and can be used for individual or group prayer.
ISBN 1-585955-56-6, paper, 146 pages, $19.95
Prod Id 955566

Family Prayer for Family Times
Traditions, Celebrations, & Rituals
Kathleen Chesto
In a perfect blend of the traditional and the contemporary, Kathleen Chesto shows Catholic families how to begin prayer habits that can enrich their lives and yet be passed on for generations. Chesto believes in celebrating the spiritual aspects of everyday events: The first day of school... Learning to ride a bike... Getting a driver's license... A new baby in the family... She also offers prayers for celebrating the great feasts of the church year: Advent, Epiphany, Lent, Easter, and Pentecost. Woven throughout are familiar prayers like the rosary, the stations, the Angelus, and novenas--prayers that parents remember from childhood and want to share now with their families.
ISBN:0-89622-668-9, paper, 144 pages, $12.95
Prod Id 226689

Habits of the Soul
Learning to Live on Purpose
Linda Perrone Rooney
In every lifetime a book comes along that can dramatically change lives. Habits of the Soul is such a book. Over the next 40 days, let this wonderful and powerful book guide you to form new habits in your inner life, habits of joy and peace, habits of generosity and a love for the poor. Let this book help you to learn to live, to really live! Habits of the Soul: Learning to Live on Purpose transforms your life because it attends to your soul inside. It touches you in the deepest part of your being and taps into those things that make you truly human!
ISBN:1-58595-554-X, paper, 168 pages, $14.95
Prod Id 95554X

Handbook for Success in Whole Community Catechesis
Linda Perrone Rooney
Are you looking for a fresh approach to a life-changing catechesis that involves all the members of your parish family? Have you heard of whole community catechesis but don't know how to implement it in your parish? In part one of this essential resource, Bill Huebsch provides both the principles and the nuts and bolts for making whole community catechesis a reality in your parish. He explores seven principles for catechesis and then suggests nine ways to make adult catechesis the norm in every parish community.
ISBN 1-585953-08-3, paper, 160 pages, $19.95
Prod ID 953083

Heritage of Faith
A Framework for Whole Community Catechesis
Jo Rotunno
Heritage of Faith is a small book about a big idea: whole community catechesis. Jo Rotunno briefly explains the meaning and importance of whole community catechesis. She then provides Questions of the Week (one set for every week of the three-year cycle). These lectionary-based questions (one for adults and one for children) invite reflection on the message of Jesus Christ and how it can impact daily life. The questions can be introduced in the Sunday homily or in the parish bulletin with an invitation to explore them in the home, in religion classes, and at all parish gatherings during the week. Jo also offers a structured scope and sequence of content that can be incorporated into programs for parish members of all ages.
ISBN 1-585953-09-1, paper, 144 pages, $12.95
Prod Id 953091

Sustaining the Spirit
Callings, Commitments, and Vocational Challenges
Michael and Catherine Carotta
Real-life anecdotes, original study, and down-to- earth points for reflection shed light on finding our true vocation in life through our callings, commitments, and challenges. Each of these elements is thoughtfully examined, with a view to practical application to our lives and greater sensitivity to the guidance of the Spirit. Sustaining the Spirit offers us fresh insights into the meaning and reality of vocation. Traditionally, a vocation has been understood to be related to our life's work. In this book, however, you will discover how vocation expands far beyond work to encompass the essence, purpose, and direction of each individual life. Real-life anecdotes, original study, and down-to- earth points for reflection shed light on finding our true vocation in life through our callings, commitments, and challenges. Each of these elements is thoughtfully examined, with a view to practical application to our lives and greater sensitivity to the guidance of the Spirit.
ISBN 158595392X, paper, 112 pages, $10.95
Prod Id 95392X

Threshold Bible Study
Stephen J. Binz
Michael and Catherine Carotta
Threshold Bible Study is a thematic Scripture series designed for both personal study and group discussion. The thirty lessons in each study may be used by an individual for daily study over the course of a month or they may be divided into six lessons per week, providing a group study of six weekly sessions. Through the spiritual disciplines of Scripture reading, study, reflection, conversation, and prayer, readers will cross the threshold to a more abundant dwelling with God. Ideal for Bible study groups, small Christian communities, parish leadership teams, adult faith formation, student Scripture-study groups, RCIA teams, catechumens and candidates, catechists and teachers. Titles include: Lamb and the Beasts, The Eucharist, The Resurrection and the Life, and more.
Prod Id 953695

Whole Community Catechesis in Plain English
Bill Huebsch
Michael and Catherine Carotta
The challenge offered here by Bill Huebsch is that every parish leader embrace a new vision: "whole community catechesis" that involves the family, the parish and every member of the parish. Bill Huebsch offers concrete suggestions for a step-by-step process for implementing a new catechetical model which links family and parish, young and old, and in which Christ is at the center of parish life. With sample outlines, handouts, prayers and organizational tools, this is a must-have manual for pastors, catechetical leaders and all parish staff.
ISBN 1-585951-84-6, paper, 128 pages, $10.95
Prod Id 951846

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