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Parish Catechist Formation
(The goal is to complete one trimester per school year.)

Who should take part in Parish Catechist Formation?
Parish catechists who are new to the ministry.
Parish catechists who have more experience but want or need an update.
Members of the catechumenate team.
Youth ministers and their volunteer core group.
Those who are working in adult catechesis.
Others in the parish who are interested.

Options for Parish Catechist Formation
Saturday morning
9 AM to noon , with a light breakfast
once a month
ten months of the year (skip July and August)
One evening during the week
from 6 PM to 9 PM , with a light supper
once per month
ten months of the year
August institute
for those who can be present during the day
5 days to complete one trimester

Getting started with parish catechist formation
Much of the work for organizing catechist formation falls to the parish director along with the pastor
At first, it seems as though more work will be on your desk, but in the end, with better prepared catechists, your work will be reduced significantly
They will feel more confident
Retention from year to year will increase
You can count on trained catechists for more help
They become a key part of your team
They encourage others to obtain more formation
The overall quality of your program increases
Step one: make the commitment!
Step two: call on us at 23rd to help you!
Step three: schedule formation in your calendar
Choose the meeting schedule which works best in your parish. Most parish leaders will invite catechists to one three-hour meeting per month, ten months in the year (skipping July and August).
We tend to ask for too little.
Many catechists dearly want training.
    You won't have everyone involved, but if you wait until everyone is ready, you'll never accomplish this.
Invite youth ministers, catechumenate team members, marriage prep folks, baptism preparation folks, and others working in catechetical ministries to take part, too.
Work closely with the school in your parish if you have one. Why not include all the teachers and catechists in one formation process?
Keep your pastor informed as you go!
Step four: recruit your catechists one by one for this formation
In fact, one three-hour training session per month is not asking very much.
Budget to pay for the materials as a parish.
But ask the catechists or others to pay for the CEUs from Loyola University New Orleans. For more on this, click here.
    Remember, that YOU must be the first one to believe in this!
Step five: order your materials.
For more on how to do this, click here.
Be sure to order one textbook for each learner, plus a facilitator guide for yourself.
    Other resources you may need can be found here.
Step six: Get Started
And enter a new, more vigorous period of catechesis for all ages and all stages in your parish!

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